All the Details

All the Details

Everything that was filled out on the form is recorded including the type of lead, the lead source, and other relevant information. Everything is right there for you, so you’re not in the dark about missing data.
Form Lead CRM

Form Lead CRM

Once you start to notice leads falling into the dashboard, they’ll be organized and filtered to optimum reporting. The lead source, notes, and status, day/time, and more are kept organized for easygoing viewing.
Inbound Form Submissions

Inbound Form Submissions

The second a form is submitted through the site; our system picks up the information and assigns the lead source to gather the data. As long as the tracking code is installed, it’ll work impeccably.
Works Everywhere

Works Everywhere

Adding a code on the header and footer is the smartest way to allow leads to filter into the dashboard. Each website has its unique code, and our tech works on any site regardless of the platform.

Client Testimonials

Colin Bridger

"They are so kind and generous. It seems like they really wanted to help me both save money and up-level my business."

Alyssa Thompson

"This is the only SEO service that I have used that actually improved my rankings and traffic."

Tracie G. Murrieta

"You guys are the best! Every order I have made was easy and you guys came through with flying colors every time and continue to make my job easier. Thanks again."

Wiley Troy

"Very impressive dashboard!!! Highly recommend Thinkdigipro. Extremely professional with exceptional quality!"

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