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Client Dashboard

Client Dashboard

When a new task falls onto our plate, it can get lost without the proper organization. Our latest dashboard will let you know what’s being done to drive tons of traffic straight to your business.
Obtain Total Control

Obtain Total Control

Depending on the type of marketing services you get, which we hope is all of them, you’ll have the ability to assign functions to its respective manager. You’ll know – even before they do – who are performing the task.
Staying In-The-Know

Staying In-The-Know

When a task is completed, you’ll see who finished it, what they did, and when they finished. You won’t have to wonder about the status of work because you’ll have an all-access pass.
Organize Categories

Organize Categories

If you’ve never had the opportunity to benefit from marketing, our categories give you a brief description of the task. Of course, we’ll give you all the details, but having specific groups works best for your business’s needs.

Client Testimonials

Colin Bridger

"They are so kind and generous. It seems like they really wanted to help me both save money and up-level my business."

Alyssa Thompson

"This is the only SEO service that I have used that actually improved my rankings and traffic."

Tracie G. Murrieta

"You guys are the best! Every order I have made was easy and you guys came through with flying colors every time and continue to make my job easier. Thanks again."

Wiley Troy

"Very impressive dashboard!!! Highly recommend Thinkdigipro. Extremely professional with exceptional quality!"

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